Recently, I have been crazy about Victorian Designs for bedroom. I was just browsing the internet when I suddenly came across these designs. Not that interested at first but I kept browsing anyway, and now I cannot wait to save enough money and turn my room into Victorian architecture. I can’t wait for that.

Here are some of the designs courtesy of Pinterest users. I should not have browsed the website in the first place, now I will have to pay more for my happiness. :) Anyways, so you can see below why these designs are breath taking.

Victorian designs


Victorian Architecture is actually a series of architectural revival styles which took place in mid to late 19th century. The word Victorian was derived from the reign of Queen Victoria which lasted from 1837 until 1901 which was called Victorian Era. During this period, the styles called Victorian were started using in construction. The name itself is representing the British and French custom of naming the style of this architectural beauty.

That is the reason why these designs contain lavish and elegant designs which gives off feeling of being in a royal place. You will surely feel like a queen once you set yourself in and prepare to sleep. It was really beautiful and very inspiring. I will definitely have a room like that. Mark my word people!